Case studies

Redesign of bank wallet application

Netforemost took on the challenge of redesigning a bank card application, aiming to incorporate the latest industry trends and essential functionalities as per the client’s specifications. Through meticulous benchmarking, in-depth research, and a touch of creative innovation, we successfully delivered two meticulously crafted prototypes in Figma. One tailored for corporate clients and another tailored to cater to the needs of the gaming community.

Hotels, hostels and B&B reservation website

Netforemost embarked on a comprehensive project to create a dynamic platform catering to Centroamerican and Caribbean travelers. This innovative solution aimed to provide small hotels, hostels, and B&Bs with a platform to showcase their accommodations at the best rates. What set this platform apart was its unique ability to offer lower posting and rental fees compared to other platforms. Additionally, it empowered property owners to manage their inventory.

Social media app to tribute your loved ones

In a redesign project, Netforemost took on the task of revitalizing a dormant social media platform, Turning Hearts, dedicated to commemorating the memories of loved ones. The client sought a rejuvenated design and additional functionalities for the existing version.